RF Skin Rejuvenation

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inset_rfskinrejuvenationRadio frequency (RF) Skin Rejuvenation is a non-invasive approach to ageing and sagging skin, RF treatments are based on the absorption of radio waves at controlled frequencies. This type of RF technology is designed to stimulate collagen production for a more toned and contoured appearance. Surgical face lifts can be very expensive and typically require 2-4 weeks of recovery, advancements in RF skin tightening procedures are producing similar results with less downtime, less pain and less cost. RF energies are delivered through the skins surface to cause localised heating of the Dermis layers, the heating of these deeper tissues promotes active Collagen contraction and molecular change, treatments can last 30 minutes to 1 hour, minimal to zero downtime is associated with this type of skin tightening, and patients return to normal activities immediately following the procedure.The RF procedure has become a popular anti-ageing treatment for men and women seeking non-invasive facial rejuvenation although any area with ageing or sagging skin will benefit and can be treated.
For facial RF we would advise the use of our Hydrating Serum that will hydrate to deeper levels giving a more youthful appearance and fighting those fine lines and wrinkles. To be used am/pm. Price £19.95

After using the Hydrating Serum we would also recommend you use our special formulated Honey moisturiser with added SPF15 for protection against the rays of the sun, rich in vitamins and minerals honey is a natural antiseptic, it is wonderful for dry and sensitive skin so you may wish to use it for your every day moisturiser. Price £19.95

ultrasound_cavitationFor RF on body areas other than the face and neck it would be beneficial to use our Cellulite and Body Lotion.

It is infused with five essential oils, this body milk has been formulated to tone and smooth for cellulite free skin. Also perfect for scars and to erase blemishes for a more toned skin.

Price £21.95

Although some clients report results within hours of a RF treatment, the most visible results are known to appear as the healing and collagen contraction process evolves and can last up to 2 years.

We do recommend that to maximise the effect you have 4 – 6 sessions, leaving 14 days between sessions.

The cost of a session is £39